thumb_IMG_1764_1024I’m a postdoctoral fellow at Université Laval in the Viral Discovery and Ecology Lab and the Bioaérosols Laboratory, where I’m interested in the diversity of environmental viruses in the Arctic. My work focuses on the North at the intersection of environmental studies and human health, and I endeavour to develop collaborative research projects with Northern communities. I’m passionate about science advocacy, outreach and communication, as well as issues of diversity representation in STEM.

I am also a Knowledge mobilisation agent with the Sentinel North Littoral research chair in ecosystem approaches to health.

Part of the Center for Northern Studies, Takuvik and the Sentinel North research program, board member of Acfas. Find me on Twitter @cath__girard!

Ph.D. Biology, Université de Montréal (2017)
B.Sc. Biology, Université de Montréal (2011)